We developed a comprehensive brand strategy and identity, along with product development, for RO, a multivitamin formula compatible with various intestinal ecologies. This initiative was undertaken in collaboration with Marías Felices.
Our brand identity resonates with the themes of fluidity and transformation. RO originated amidst the pandemic, integrating seamlessly into our diets and evolving alongside us. Its textures, inspired by the organic elements of daily life that we engage with, embody the essence of transformation and the dynamics of change. The logo encapsulates this concept, with its letters fluidly transforming, mirroring life's subtle shifts and the imperceptible renewal of our skin.
RO is more than just a brand; it's a tribute to the ever-changing rhythm of life, embracing its natural flow with honesty and reverence.

Enfocamos toda nuestra energía y recursos en hacer un alimento nutritivo, equilibrado, natural y de excelente calidad.
Creemos que todas las personas deben expresarse con libertad. 
Alimentarse de manera consciente es un acto del amor propio y empoderamiento que nos posibilita comunicar nuestra visión al mundo con autenticidad.  
Estamos comprometidas con contribuir al bienestar colectivo.
Alimentarse basado en plantas es una manifestación de protección y regeneración que nos permite integrar la fuerza de la tierra a nuestro cuerpo. 
Amamos profundamente lo que hacemos y nos mueve que disfruten de nuestra granola recibiendo todo el amor que le ponemos al hacerla.
We focus all our energy and resources on creating nutritious, balanced, natural, and high-quality food.
We believe that everyone should express themselves freely.
Eating mindfully is an act of self-love and empowerment that enables us to communicate our vision to the world authentically.
We are committed to contributing to collective well-being. Plant-based eating is an act of protection and regeneration, allowing us to integrate the earth's strength into our bodies.
We deeply love what we do and are driven by the joy you experience enjoying our granola and receiving all the love we put into making it.
Proyecto conjunto con Marías Felices
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