Construction of the brand narrative aimed at preparing the brand to face the process of capital raising with a view to international expansion.
Doña Rosita, a pioneer brand in the plant-based food segment, has positioned itself as one of the iconic competitors in the category and now faces a new challenge: to grow internationally to transcend the food world and create a true positive impact on the planet.
In the context of the brand's internationalization, The Kind Race group was created. For this group, a narrative was constructed that laid the conceptual foundations for the creation of the brand identity, establishing as its central theme the idea of the local impacting the global.
El relato proporciona una base para diseñar la identidad con el concepto de diversidad como punto de partida, la misma diversidad que representa a cada uno de los miles de consumidores que tienen a nivel internacional; para lo que se diseña un isotipo variable, que es capaz de adaptarse a los distintos escenarios.
The narrative provides a foundation for designing the identity with the concept of diversity as a starting point, the same diversity that represents each of the thousands of consumers they have internationally. For this, a variable isotype is designed, capable of adapting to different scenarios.
Proyecto para www.sientecinco.cl
 Estrategia: Antonia Necochea
Identidad: Enzo Morales
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